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Can we trust influencers?

Everyone today wants to be a social media influencer. People have made influencing on social media as their full time job. Everyone is after gaining maximum followers and likes on their profile. These influencers are available on almost all platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Some influencers today are actually loved by a lot of people. People always want their favorite influencers to keep on posting and thus in a way feel like they are a part of these influencers’ life.

To be more specific an influencer is someone who is an expert in a particular field. Their recommendations are highly regarded since people trust their working. But today influencers with a significant online following and social media presence are becoming more popular. Now the question is that we really trust these influencers?

Many influencers have different ways of presenting themselves on social media. Some prefer making reels while some find other unique ways to influence. Some are really very influential that whatever they do not only attracts a large amount of audience but also their videos and posts stand useful to many people. On the other hand if we see there are so many influencers who for the sake of gaining followers, indulge in making videos which are not at all useful and thus people end upmaking fun of such influencers. Moreover, today’s generation is pretty smart and they know what to learn and trust from where. Also it depends on an Individual what quality they want to pick up from where. You might have an influence over them but at the end of the day, it completely depends on the person and what they resonate the most with.

If we have a more precise look into it we’ll come to know that most of these influencers are just faking it, in real their lives are literally fucked up. They feel lonely and need to feel wanted thus they present a clone of themselves on the social media, pretending to be someone they are actually not. A lot of them would not have any importance in life whatsoever without social media. Thus, its not easy to say whether you should trust influencers or not because according to a well known quote, ‘It is not what is looks like’, one can say that totally believing what these influencers are presenting to us and becoming obsessed with their every activity should not be done. One should think wisely before copying these influencers and should not consider them above everything else.

Through the reports its quite clear that nearly two-thirds people say they don’t trust what influencers promote through their social channels. The data suggests people are getting increasingly growing weary of influencers. It is increasingly difficult to know when someone is trying to convince you to buy something. And because social media is so pervasive and popular with young people, it becomes easier for someone to spread the marketing message super-fast using that medium.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that influencers are really good persuaders, who persuade people in a no. of ways but it is the audience who needs to understand that everything promoted on social media or anywhere by these influencers is not always the truth. No matter the idea of following these influencers sounds exciting but trusting them is quite difficult and needs to be paid attention to.

Name- Bhavya Khurana
Course- BA hons English
University- Delhi University (Dyal Singh College)

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