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The line Saudi Arabia’s big bet on future city

The line is the new futuristic goal of Saudi Arabia in order to house over 9 million people. Who will live in an interconnected locality of 170km in length on a coastal strip ranging from the northwest of the country. There will be no cars and roads and there will be zero carbon emissions. The smart country will be powered entirely by clean energy, a key step in Saudi Arabia’s transition away from an oil-based economy. The line will be built in Neom and will house 9 million people, who will live in an interconnected community built by artificial intelligence to live in harmony with nature, mining for this great project has begun now.

First unveiled by Prime Minister Mohammed in 2017, Neom is a business and tourism development in Saudi Arabia on the Red Coast. It is a central role in the 2030 vision that outlines the kingdom’s plan to diversify its economy. The $500 billion development will include beautiful cities, ports and industrial zones, research centers, sports and recreation areas, and tourist attractions. The development will stretch 26,500 kilometers and include several areas including industrial and military areas. Its completion is scheduled for 2025. The plan includes an airport network, including an international one. The first, called Neom Bay Airport in the northern Sharma region, opened last year and operates regular flights for Neom investors and employees. Neom’s director of urban development, Antoni Vives, said that one of the largest international airports in the world will be ready before 2030. The retail and technology sector is expected to contribute $48 billion to the kingdom’s gross domestic product and create 380,000 jobs. Construction is expected to begin in the first quarter of this year.

According to Philip Oldfield, director of the school of the built environment at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), around 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions will occur with the materials used to build such a building. project. This is more than the annual carbon emissions of many European countries. With today’s technology, it is unfortunately not possible to make carbon zero for large structures using materials, such as steel, and glass.

Regarding biodiversity, the connection between the project and the outside is cut by a mirror wall of 500 meters. It is not good for the environment (especially for animals) to have such a large mirror in the middle of the desert, even if birds can come and go. In addition, the city is described in a horizontal way. However, it is perceived as a 170 km road with 500 high walls and

skyscrapers around; it may be horizontal like an urban example but still, the buildings are vertical.

Although, it seems a futuristic idea that will revolutionize the housing and amount of area needed in building a society. On, the other hand it looks and offers many possibilities for the near future but also has some drawbacks on its own. It will be a major surprise on how Saudi deals with the backlash and puts it to good use for everyone.



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