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Content producers have a tremendous platform on YouTube to share their knowledge, concepts, and intriguing information with their audience. YouTube has a trending page on its website that displays videos that are popular at that given moment in order for a video to be seen by as many people as possible. Other than a few popular videos with a large view count that are expected to appear in the trending area, the remaining videos are unpredictable.

Videos that are now trending have a specific number of views, a given amount of time spent in the trending section, a certain number of likes, comments, and descriptions, among other factors. These facts will aid in comprehending the fundamental requirements for a video to show up in the trending section of YouTube. Viewers may check what’s going on in their area and which events or videos are getting the most views by visiting YouTube’s trending page. In the Trending section, videos with a broad audience of interested users are displayed. Some Trending videos are predictable, much like a new movie trailer or new song from a well-known musician. Other videos are unexpected and vary in time, event, and day. Every user in every country that uses Trending sees the same list of Trending videos; customised videos are not displayed. Every 15 minutes, the list of videos in the Trending section is updated. Videos may move up the list, down the list, or remain in the same position with each update. Users can’t pay to have their videos to shown in trending results that means trending videos are never sponsored.

The YouTube algorithm works in a unique way that no one knows about. On the trending page, not only do videos with the most views display, but also those with the most engagement, i.e. likes, dislikes, comments, and the time length for which the video was played. The main reason why pornographic videos are popular on the YouTube India page is Without any prior experience or knowledge of the etiquette expected or required on the internet, uneducated people in rural areas with troubled mindsets, limited social skills, a sizable population of desperate individuals, lots of men with spare time, and gullible masses of people of all ages suddenly gained access to the internet. Most YouTube uploaders use enticing and visually stimulated thumbnails to encourage viewers to watch videos. And when it appears on YouTube, viewers start to wonder why the video is in the trending area. They observe it. As a result, there are more views. And the video goes viral. There are numerous videos that have more dislikes than likes. The less diverse the audience’s choices are, the larger the platform’s audience grows. It is always expected that the less interesting and more popular information will appear first.

The majority of YouTube uploaders employ captivating and eye-catching thumbnails to entice users to watch videos. Additionally, people begin to question why the video is trending when it surfaces on YouTube. They watch it. As a result, there are more views. And the video gains popularity. Many videos have more people disliking them than like them. The audience of the platform expands, yet the audience’s options become less varied. It is common knowledge that the material that is more widely shared and less interesting will emerge first. The “that” kind of audience is to blame for the appearance of such video. The high dislike to like ratio is the result of the more intelligent individuals who do not comprise to “that” type of audience. They swiftly reject the idea of that particular film after realising how desperate and embarrassing it is for these videos to be popular. As a result, you can notice that these films are not frequently found under the trending tab. However, even after 3–4 days since it first appeared on the trending tab, you will still find that song that everyone adores, and you’ll also notice that it has a relatively low dislikes to likes ratio.

As a result, the trending page on YouTube India informs us precisely how challenging it is to be a hero. How challenging it is to maintain a feeling of accountability when using a tool as potent as the internet—with great power comes tremendous responsibility. In order to prevent such content from appearing on the YouTube India trending page, Youtube must carefully enforce its community guidelines and monitor its trending page.

Pragati Pragi 


N.L.U. Vishakapatnam

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