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Why does mobile gaming suck?

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It has oentimes been stated that Mobile gaming is not as amazing as it could have been. It is rather many a time an underwhelming experience. The tech industry and the giants within it have been talking a lot lately about how mobile gaming is the future. Despite that, the games making the top of the charts are not really helping in inspiring a lot of confidence in that future. The best one gets are games that are good enough to play for a couple of minutes, but never to immerse people deeply in either the story, or the gameplay.

It has been the talk of the town that most games barely have any game mechanics- everything is hidden behind a paywall. And the issue is that the prices that are charged by these games are ridiculously huge. People have spent thousands of dollars on a single game! While there do exist great games in the store as well, finding them in this “elite” mess is like finding a needle in a pile of hay. The store is essentially full of crap and trash, for the most part. And these games are hard to find. It’s almost as if the store itself doesn’t want you to find them because they make a lot less money than the others.

But here’s more reasons why mobile gaming sucks. To begin with, most mobile games are not really games! While it is true that there are some having great gameplay, and some with average gameplay, the vast variety of mobile games are those which essentially consist of poking a few things here and there at some intervals of time. Most of the games do nothing but coercively convince people into giving them money. Some are pay-to-win, where you can’t succeed without spending money. Some others are pay-to-wait where games constantly give you hurdles in order to wear you down to encourage you to spend money. Others have elements of gambling like loot boxes. The effects that they have started having on people are disgusting.

Many strategies used here have now made their way into proper games, which have hence destroyed their gameplay and style so that the publisher can squeeze the most money they can out of them. Even the less costing games like Shadow of War still have microtransactions in them, because the publishers look at the amount of money that mobile games make. This makes them greedy too and makes them want some of that action for themselves as well.

Mobile games and the exploitative game design philosophy that they have are more oen than not aimed at children, due to their poor impulse control and low understanding of value. Now, what this does is that it upsets parents because it damages their children. This also has the children ruin the gaming experience for other players out there and if all that is not enough, mobile games absolutely love advertising that is dishonest. This means that the advertisers use professional actors and videos which have been rendered previously to advertise the games which look absolutely nothing in reality like they do in these advertisements. It is almost as if the makers of those games think that people in their audience are idiots and that they would go for it. And the harsh truth is that despite all of it, some innocent people do actually fall for it.

This means that mobile gaming is not only ruining the entire terminology of “gaming” by sending good gameplay down the drain, but it has also led to the entire gaming industry getting indulged in a vicious cycle of making money, and being immoral and cruel in the process too. This ultimately leaves no reason to doubt that mobile gaming sucks.

Aayushmaan Jha
BTech Electrical Engineering, IIT Mandi

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