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Can Apple win the Indian market as now they have decided to produce IPhones in India?

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It is too early to say for certain, but it seems likely that Apple will eventually win the Indian mobile market. First, the company has proven its commitment to the market by continuing to produce mobile phones in India. Second, Apple’s products are well-known and popular in India, and its prices are generally lower than those of its competitors. Third, Apple has made a number of important inroads into the Indian market in recent years, including by developing a strong e-commerce presence and by partnering with local phone and tech companies. Finally, India is a large and growing market, and Apple is likely to continue to grow rapidly in it over the next few years.

The current situation of Apple in India is that they have decided to produce their iPhone in India. This decision was made after they saw the potential in the Indian market and the growth that it has seen in recent years. The reason that they decided to produce their iPhone in India is because of the low cost of labour and the skilled labour in India. The low cost of labour is something that is important to Apple because it allows them to keep their prices low. The skilled labour in India is something that is also important to Apple because it allows them to get the best quality products delivered to the Indian market. Overall, the decision to produce iPhones in India is a good one for Apple and it will likely see them continue to grow in the Indian market. Apple is not the only company that has decided to produce iPhones in India. Samsung and Motorola have also decided to produce their smartphone in India.

There is no definite answer as to which company will come out on top in the Indian smartphone market – it will largely depend on the specific features and prices of the various devices on offer. However, Apple arguably has the advantage of being well known and well known for high quality products, so it is likely that they will continue to be the most popular handset brand in India.

Name: Khushi.S .Keswani

Course: BBA
University: Gujarat University

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