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Why are Indian men famous for being creeps on the internet ?

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Being aware of high sexual assault against women in India it is not shocking that how it is growing online.The majority of web users log off as soon as you mention India. And it’s not because of the stereotype of a third-world nation with impoverished citizens who are filthy everywhere. It is as a result of the picture we produced. We, some of us, not all. We often begin with what we do best, which is sex(ranking second in terms of population says it all) .The guy’s only interest in boobs and vagina is always present when a person meets a woman online. The majority of the males I’ve met are merely horny online.How, for instance, do you maintain a constant dick?

The worst are these people. Some of them don’t even use the words “hi” or “hello” as their first message. The initial message, whether it be in the form of messages, images, or videos, is itself offensive. I’ve come to the conclusion that these males are the ones who take sick joy in making women feel horrible .You know the type of guys—they have private WhatsApp groups where they and their mates talk garbage about women in general and degrade women in an effort to feel manly. Male egos are boosted by sexually frightening the girls. They just care about disrespecting and terrorizing women.Their primary goal is to punish women, not to engage in sexual activity, and they believe that the best method to do it is through sexual activity.

Sometimes, as a guy, it seems as though they are not solely to fault when looking at things from their perspective. Some generations are led to be what they are by society and the people in it.Most Indian boys never had the chance to experience female empathy. We didn’t communicate, so we never got to know them. Things like appropriate behavior, respect, and courtesy toward people of the other sex were never discussed or taught. And if you get the chance, try approaching a girl in public. Oh my. They’ll observe you just as an eagle would a prey. The taboo and misunderstanding that “older people” started still exist. And that’s how the majority of us are today. When such individuals browse the internet, they only find similar content. They lack an understanding of concepts like adoration, respect, love, and decency. Their whole focus is on “a person to have sex with.”

These boys’ upbringing is the main source of their inappropriate behavior. They were raised in a setting where girls are not treated with respect. They have observed how their fathers improperly treat their mothers and other female family members. They have consistently been told that women are only a means of amusement. Parents frequently give their daughters advice on how to sit, walk, laugh, and speak, but no one bothers to do so with their sons. There would be change if Indian parents take a moment out of their daily lives to speak to their sons and advise them to respect women and not weird them out.

Neither a feminist nor a man trying to disrespect men. A simple person trying to make a tiny change by making all do just one thing i.e Introspection.


B.Sc (Hons) Horticulture

Dr. YSR Horticultural University

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