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Why do Indians spend so much on weddings?

India is the land of festivals and joy throughout the year. There are many festivals we celebrate with extreme love and respect. But, apart from the festivals, there is one thing more that we Indians put so much time and joy into it. Indian weddings are always known for their diverse rituals and the way Indians celebrate them is unmatched. To make it happen, obviously more and more money is needed. The greater the celebration the greater the expenditure. In India, there is a major emphasis on the fact that we should always take care of our guests and show them the utmost respect we can. This has been going on for decades, generation after generation this eventually creates a belief in satisfying their guests better every time. When it comes to Indian weddings, it goes on for weeks and the preparations are done not just for the wedding but for every ritual involved.

As Mehndi, Haldi, Ring Ceremony, Wedding, and Reception are the common ones, as the states change the rituals changes and even get an additional one of few or more. This makes it a lengthy process, which involves many guests, and food is arranged every day followed by different decorations for each function. This usually ends up having lots of expenditure, In India, on the day of reception everyone is invited along with their families thus adding to the people attending the function which increases the number of expenses on that day.

Not only for the ceremonies, earlier before that heavy expenses are done for wedding cards, pieces of jewelry that will be given, gifting of clothes and many more. These also add a pin to the expenditure done and usually the more you spend the more social approval you get. You can also say that sometimes Indian Weddings are more expensive so much that any other culture because we love social satisfaction. In India, we are always worried over the fact that what will society think, and hence it ends up affecting Indian weddings too.

There is no doubt that Indian weddings are one of the most beautiful events that someone can get to witness in their lifetime. The sheer joy of people and the whole town celebrating the couple. The whole town lit up for the two, In India, we love to do things in the most auspicious style we can, even if it ends up pushing our limits to an extent.

Wedding in India is considered to be the biggest part of someone’s life and even the family puts their efforts and love into the couple. This for sure will need to be backed up by a heavy expenditure since it is an event in which everyone is involved from day one. Every relative making sure that their presence is felt, everyone making sure that their gifts and blessings are seen this will for sure end up having a major expense. But Indians never shy away from that after all, they like to do everything with a bang.



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